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February 2015

What Comes Next?

SarahToday’s Tuesday With Tulsa comes to us from Sarah H., a senior Communications major from Norman, Okla.

As great as it would be to stay in college forever, I know life after TU is approaching quickly. I graduate in May and that is both wonderful and terrifying. It’s similar to how I felt as a senior in high school, but bigger.

I get to decide what comes next and thankfully my time at The University of Tulsa has led me to this point. I’m more independent, confident, open minded and adventurous now than ever before. So where will I move after graduation? Washington, D.C. – and I cannot wait!

I have been all consumed by the job hunt this semester and am excited to announce I accepted a communication position at a boutique law firm in Alexandria, Va., last week. I will learn about the aviation industry (something completely new to me) and how to best represent associations in our nation’s capital, all while providing public relations services to clients. And the coolest part? One of the firm’s attorneys is a TU alum and a member of my sorority. Gotta love connections like those!

I also know I will sell my car, move to D.C. in late May or early June and live in either a furnished room or in an apartment with soon-to-be-determined roommates. My post-grad plan is really coming together!

The University of Tulsa set me up for success and that is incredibly encouraging. I get to begin a new adventure soon because of my college experience. So on that note…Go TU!

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Being a University Ambassador

BrittanyWhen I started college, I didn’t know a lot. I wasn’t sure what my major would be. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to sign up for Greek recruitment. And I wasn’t exactly sure how to do my own laundry. But I did know one thing: I knew that I wanted to be a University Ambassador (UA). As a prospective student touring TU, my UA tour guides made a strong impression on me. To be honest, they’re the reason I’m a student here today.

I chose TU for three reasons: 1) the strong academics; 2) the Division I team sports; and 3) the people I met while touring. A multitude of schools met my first two points, but TU was the only university where I actually made a connection, and that is because of the people I met here. They were excited that I was on campus. They had a lot of passion for their university, and they were involved leaders and students on campus.  As a high school senior, I was impressed by them. In reality, I was awed. I wanted to be like them one day. I wanted to go to out-of-state football games. I wanted to become a student leader. I wanted to study abroad in France, and I wanted to eat dinner with my professors. Even more than that, I wanted to create my own fun memories in addition to the ones they had to tell. So, when the University Ambassador applications came out, you can sure bet that I applied.

I’m now in my fourth semester at TU, and I am terrified that I am almost halfway finished. I still have as much passion for my university as I did the first time I stepped on campus, and I love being able to share that passion with prospective students. That’s why I’m a UA. Each week I have the opportunity to share how wonderful my TU is and hope that others will see it too. I know how stressful the college decision-making process can be, and I want to be able to make that easier on high school seniors. I want them to know that I understand what they’re going through and I want them to be able to find a home here at TU…just like I have.

In addition to giving weekly tours, University Ambassadors also host events such as Tulsa Time and Preview TU. Tulsa Time is meant to help prospective students get a sneak peak into what it’s actually like to make the TU campus their home. They stay overnight and participate in a multitude of activities to see what a typical student’s day is like. I love seeing how many students participate in Tulsa Time. Preview TU is similar in that students who have been admitted to TU can come to campus to visit residence halls, browse the student activity fair, check out TU’s athletic facilities and campus ministry locations, and visit with current students and faculty. It’s an open house for campus!

Whether it is welcoming prospective students to campus at registration, giving a big group tour or helping an individual student find their way to a classroom, I enjoy any and all contact I have with potential students during these events. There are so many impressive and interesting people out there, and I love hearing about their stories and accomplishments.

Making a positive impact on someone else is what being a University Ambassador means to me. I fell in love with TU and every week I get the chance help someone else do the same. Who wouldn’t love that? Plus, I get to say I’m in the same organization as Goldie, TU’s most famous canine ambassador!

Written by Brittany J., a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major from Lee’s Summit, MO.

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Reinvent Yourself

Did you see that?  If you blinked you may have missed the past 5 weeks shooting past us at the speed of light!  But you know what they say – time flies when it’s the second semester of your senior year and you’ve decided to do EVERYTHING that you’ve always wanted to do at TU, but always made a lame excuse for in the past!  Yes, folks, it’s true!  These are my last few months at this fine university (*cue ‘awwws’ here*).  But don’t despair!  I have come such a long way and you better be sure I’m going to go out with a bang (*cue cymbals*)!

How to describe senior year?  Exciting, terrifying, thrilling, nerve-wracking, surprising, exhausting, invigorating, exhausting, melancholic.  It’s basically like feeling all the feelings you’ve ever felt, all at once, along with some new ones that you never felt before. If you’re a senior in high school, you probably catch my drift! I’m at a fork in the road after a long journey, and I’m about to start an adventure that leads to a destination that doesn’t even exist yet!

2015-01-19 10.51.20 (2)As much as I have to look forward to in the months and years ahead, I can hardly believe how far I’ve come since I first arrived at TU.  I remember it well (even though, sometimes, I wish I didn’t). I was your typical, nerdy freshman: nieve, wide-eyed, and oh yeah, my personal favorite – I wore my student ID and dorm keys on a lanyard that I got at orientation (#freshmanstatus).  All I knew was that I wanted to go to medical school and that college was where I would be provided with the resources and opportunities I needed in order to learn how to refine myself in order to become the ideal applicant. (Disclaimer: I have been endowed with the some of the most amazing, life-changing experiences here at TU!  How is this a disclaimer you might ask?  Keep reading and I’ll tell you. :) )  However, I have learned things that I could never have predicted, and they have changed my world views drastically and for the better.

College not only introduced me to people and ideas different from my own, but TU provided the perfect slow-cooker environment for all these factors to mix, simmer, and coalesce in my mind, which have transformed me into the person I am today.  So, backtrack to freshman year again.  Basically, I learned that college was so much more than academics.  College is all about re-inventing yourself, and I tell ya, my freshman year self would be extremely proud (and kind of intimidated!) of the person that I have become!

I have gone from being an awkward, insecure, geeky freshman to an empowered, confident, assertive senior (and it only took 4 years!).  A few years ago, I would never have described myself using those adjectives and now I can’t stop!  I can keep going – strong, powerful, intelligent, self-assured, electrifying, intense… Beyonce (who doesn’t want to be Queen Bey?).  She’s my female empowerment role model.  Her and Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook and author of Lean In.  I highly recommend it, especially for high-powered women.  It makes a great graduation present!.

SAMSUNGHow did I accomplish this you might ask?  Well, let me tell you!  I found my passion in life: social justice.  I’m talking everything from the environment to human rights.  I love all of it! It started with me listening to lectures here at TU and watching documentaries at Circle Cinema (an awesome independent theater in Tulsa!).  Now, it’s evolved from just being aware to taking action.To borrow from Gandhi, I have “become the change I’ve wanted to see in the world!”  I help bridge the gap between international students and domestic students and promote an inclusive student body as an Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs

To borrow from Gandhi, I have “become the change I’ve wanted to see in the world!”

FB_IMG_1423811458861I help bridge the gap between international students and domestic students and promote an inclusive student body as an Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs on Student Association (our student government!).  Right now, we’re planning an International Food Festival (I can’t wait to try all the yummy dishes!) and a Soccer World Cup (I’m working on getting vuvuzellas!  Remember those from the World Cup a few years ago? Haha!).

As an officer of SAVE (Student Alliance for Violence Education), I work to educate TU’s campus on issues regarding sexual violence.  We’re having an awareness event in the Allen Chapman Student Union tomorrow to educate students on the topic of emotional abuse (we’re giving away 200+ chocolate bars!).  As Treasurer of LINC (Leaders Incorporated), a mentoring program for incoming freshman, I help to acquire funding and sponsorships for all of our events.  For example, since it’s Black History Month, we’re hosting discussion groups about race and showing documentaries (we’ve been discussing Ferguson and colorism, and we’re also going to be watching Selma!).

TU has provided a streamlined progression from education, to awareness, to activism for me.  I like to call it the ‘Goldilocks effect’ – TU doesn’t overwhelm, instead it has allowed me to cultivate my thoughts and provided me a supportive environment in which to express them – it’s “just right!”  I sincerely hope you take the time to consider if TU can be “just right” for you!  I think everyone deserves to become who they were always meant to be and TU is the perfect storm (because we’re the Golden Hurricane! Woot Woot!)!

Peace out!

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Research Presentation Season

hoyt posterJordan H. is a junior Mechanical Engineering major from Tulsa, Okla.

I know when most of you think of spring visions of blossoming flowers, warmer weather and singing birds come to mind. But for undergraduate researchers at TU, spring is research presentation season! It’s a time to represent TU at competitions and travel across the U.S. to do it.

All TU students who performed research in the past year will likely participate in the 18th Annual Student Research Colloquium this April. We compete (in a friendly way) for cash prizes and the honor of placing which always looks good on a resume. Last year, along with presenting summer research at the Colloquium, I was also chosen to represent TU at a conference in Lubbock, Texas, where I won a $100 third-place prize for giving a PowerPoint about my nanotechnology solar research!

This March, I’ve been chosen to present my research at the Oklahoma State Capitol rotunda where state legislators will be viewing my poster and listening to what I have to say. I will have to study the names and faces of my personal representatives and other important people so as not to embarrass myself. Since my research has implications for solar energy, I will not only be representing TU, but also an entire form of energy production! Another great thing is that one of my good friends, Austin Evans, a chemical engineering major, will also be joining me as he presents his own research. If I win this conference I’ll be awarded about $7,000 by the state to continue my research this summer at TU.

In April, I will be traveling to Spokane, Wash., to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research where I’ll be joined by another long time friend, Trokon Johnson, an electrical engineering major. I’ll be presenting a poster I made over the summer at Rutgers University (New Jersey) where I conducted green energy piezoelectric research. I’m incredibly lucky to have opportunities where TU and Rutgers are both offering to pay for my trip!

I’m crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes for good luck to place in at least one of these conferences!