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Academic Opportunities

The University of Tulsa offers challenging academic programs that transform students, companies and communities. Our faculty and staff and dedicated to each student’s personal growth and individual success, and TU offers many programs to tailor the educational experience.

Presidential Scholars

The highest academic scholarship awarded to high school seniors, Presidential Scholarship recipients receive full tuition plus room and board. Through its Presidential Scholars Program, TU works one-on-one with distinguished high school students to showcase the many benefits of attending The University of Tulsa.

Presidential Leaders Fellowship

The Presidential Leaders Fellowship program is a two-year program that prepares students to maximize their junior and senior experiences at TU through opportunities such as research, global education internships, community service and much more.


JumpstartTU is a short-term intensive experience designed to prepare 30 new TU freshmen for the challenges and opportunities that distinguishes a TU education.  For summer 2017, preference will be given to first generation students and the first class of the new President’s Leadership Program.  JumpstartTU is designed to build curiosity and excitement about university studies, expose yourself to global issues in a global context, expand your lens on the world and other cultures, and be transformed as an individual and learner as you begin your collegiate life at TU.

Global Scholars

TU Global Scholars focus on the big questions affecting the world today. The Global Scholars program gives students multiple opportunities to study and/or work abroad and guides students in how to articulate the lessons they learn and skills they develop in a way that will demonstrate to potential employers the value of the study abroad experience, language acquisition and an integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum focused on international issues.

Honors Program

The University of Tulsa Honors Program offers a unique opportunity for students with exceptional academic records and a spirit of intellectual curiosity. Through lively discussions, Honors Scholars tackle perennial questions, explore the intersection of ideas, and develop the intellectual agility of interdisciplinary thinkers.

Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge

The Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC) is an innovative program that enables undergraduates to take challenging courses and conduct advanced research with the guidance of top TU professors. Its aim is to create leaders in scholarship, research and public life. Specifically, the program emphasizes undergraduate research and community involvement.

Advanced Placement Credit

High school students have the opportunity to receive credit at the college level in various subjects from statistics to biology to history.

Early Careers in Community Medicine

The Early Careers in Community Medicine (ECCM) program provides highly qualified undergraduate students at The University of Tulsa with a unique opportunity to pursue an early provisional acceptance into the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine program, leading to an M.D. degree.

International Baccalaureate Program

The University of Tulsa recognizes the rigor of the International Baccalaureate curriculum by offering college credit and merit aid to high school students who earn the IB Diploma or achieve certain scores in the IB program.

Extensive Study Abroad Opportunities

Study abroad is a vital part of the college experience. Time spent in other countries enriches your education, opens your mind, fosters appreciation and understanding of other cultures, increases confidence and improves foreign language skills.

Cyber Corps

Cyber ninjas are created in a handful of elite programs such as Cyber Corps at TU. The Cyber Corps program accepts undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students who have strong interests in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, applied physics, engineering physics or mathematics. Graduates work for the NSA, CIA or other federal, state and local agencies.

Presbyterian Leaders and Scholars Program

The Presbyterian Leaders and Scholars program is recognized regionally and nationally by the Presbyterian Church for its collegiate ministry and leadership development. In addition to encouraging and developing Presbyterian Leadership Scholars to assume leadership roles, active program participants are eligible once during their undergraduate work at TU to take part in a biennial Scotland Heritage Tour which introduces these future Presbyterian leaders to the important and critical history of the Presbyterian church of Scotland.