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International Baccalaureate Credit

The University of Tulsa recognizes the rigor of the International Baccalaureate curriculum by offering credit to students who earn the IB Diploma or achieve certain scores in the IB program. Credit is based on the following:

  • Students who earn the IB Diploma with a total score of 28 points or more will be awarded at least 30 hours of university credit (sophomore standing)
  • Students who earn the IB Diploma will receive credit from The University of Tulsa on the following scale:


Total IB Points Minimum TU credit
24 10 semester hours
25 15 semester hours
26 20 semester hours
27 25 semester hours
28 30 semester hours

Students completing individual IB Higher Level and Standard Level classes but not earning the IB Diploma may earn credit for individual courses with scores of 5 and above.

A student may earn a maximum total of 36 semester hours of credit by all forms of examination (IB, AP or proficiency).

Watch the IB Program Video

For more information, please contact:
Rick Arrington
IB Coordinator at The University of Tulsa
918-631-2214 or 800-331-3050

Information specific to TU applicants

The University of Tulsa offers a merit scholarship for entering freshmen who complete all work toward the IB Diploma with a minimum high school GPA of 3.0. This scholarship is renewable for eight semesters with a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Students pursuing the full IB Diploma may receive a waiver of the $50 TU application fee with a written request from the IB coordinator.

More Information on Applying IB Credits

The undergraduate colleges at The University of Tulsa determine how credit earned by examination will be applied toward the Tulsa Curriculum or the majors in their respective colleges.

TU will grant general credit, in addition to that earned for specific courses through IB and Advanced Placement (AP) examinations, so the total credit earned will equal the minimum on the scale. If the total credit earned for specific courses through IB and AP exams exceeds the minimum on the scale, no additional general credit will be granted. Students may earn a maximum of 36 credit hours by IB and/or AP exam.

Credit is determined by actual IB exams, scores and your major area of study. Every attempt is made to make all IB credits count toward your degree, but not all credits will always count. Please consult the advising office in your specific area of study to find out how your IB credits will apply. General education electives awarded may or may not count toward your specific degree.