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Presidential Leaders Fellowship


Program Structure

The Presidential Leaders Fellowship program is a two-year program that prepares students to maximize their junior and senior experiences at TU through opportunities such as research, global education internships, community service and much more.

Students accepted to the program will be required to complete various assignments and programs relating to the goals developed by TU’s President, Dr. Gerard Clancy.

  • Summer Readings
  • Retreat
  • President’s Seminar
  • Presidential Lecture Series: Fellows will have the opportunity to serve as ambassadors for visiting lecturers.
  • Sophomore Projects:Year-long team assignments around social entrepreneurship community projects.
  • Internships: Fellows will complete an internship based on philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and/or project management.

Program Goals

  • Prepare a cadre of TU graduates who are skilled in creating a just, humane and creative world.
  • Guide freshman and sophomores to a fulfilling experience at TU, and in doing so, prepare them to be successful leaders in complex environments.
  • Facilitate students in their transformation from leadership to philanthropy, with the ability to give of themselves and their talents.
  • Aid students in developing specific skills, including: understanding complexity, becoming self-aware regarding personal strengths, becoming social entrepreneurs who can implement solutions to societal, cultural or environmental issues, producing effective work in team settings and mastering project management.


Open to incoming freshman (and transfer sophomore) students. Grade-point-average and test scores are not considered during the selection process.

Application Requirements

  • Submit a completed application for admission to The University of Tulsa by January 15.
  • Submit the online Presidential Leaders Fellowship application, with short essays, by January 15.* Application will be available October 15, 2017.
  • Visit campus by March 1.*

* Presidential scholarship applicants will be automatically considered for the Presidential Leaders Fellowship and do not have to submit a separate application beyond what is required for Presidential Scholarship application.