Setting Up Your TU Account

  • Visit the TU Password site here.
  • Enter your TU Net ID in the format
  • Enter the characters in the security box and click Next.
  • Select “I forgot my password” to begin the activation process.

The system will offer you a choice of contact information for initial verification. Once you complete the verification you will be able to set your password. Please ensure that your new password meets all the requirements. Your new password must be at least 15 characters and include a special character, number, upper and lowercase letters.

If you have no offsite contact information on file with The University of Tulsa, you will need to call 918-631-3500 or email and request a password be sent to you. Please include your TUNetID and TU ID number in the email.

  • Upon completing the verification steps, your account will be activated and you can view the TU Application Directory at

Setting up TU Email

  • Once you have set up your TU account, log in here, and click the “Email (Outlook)” icon.
  • All information from The University of Tulsa will be sent directly to your TU Outlook account.
  • Instructions for forwarding your email can be found here.
  • To update your offsite contact information, please visit TU Self-Service ( and select User Options, User Profile. You can update your personal email address and cell phone number.
  • If you have any questions or issues, please contact the help desk at 918-631-3500 or