Test Optional FAQ - Office of Admission

Test Optional FAQ

What does “Test Optional” mean at TU?

You can be considered for admission and scholarships without submitting an ACT or SAT score. At TU, we practice holistic admission and will use all academic history available to gauge  potential academic success when making your admission and scholarship decisions. 


Are test scores required for any program at TU?

Only one of our programs – the Early Careers in Community Medicine program – requires submission of test scores. You can be considered for admission, scholarships, and all other special programs at TU without submission of test scores. Every program, including ECCM, uses a holistic review process. This includes TU’s Honors Program and Presidential Scholarship. 


How will Tulsa evaluate my application if I do – or don’t – submit test scores?

Tulsa utilizes a holistic review for every student, regardless of the decision to submit test scores. For this reason, the review process will be similar for all applications and no preference will be given to those who submit, or do not submit, test scores. Tulsa considers many things during the review process including, but not limited to, strength of high school curriculum, grades within that curriculum, grade trends from year to year and within each discipline, writing ability, recommendation letters, co-curricular activities (including work and home responsibilities), community involvement, interest in TU, and standardized test scores if available. As the test score is just one piece of our holistic review, there is no score that will automatically guarantee, nor prevent, admission to TU.


Should I submit my test scores to TU?

If your scores complement or enhance your academic profile, you are encouraged to submit them to us! Standardized test scores in the 80th percential or higher nationally are generally considered competitive for admission when accompanied by other criteria that indicate potential academic success. Should you have any questions regarding test scores, please contact your Admission Counselor.


Will TU see my test scores?

We are test optional, but we are not test blind. This means that, if test scores are present in  your application materials, they will be reviewed and considered for admission and scholarships.  TU reserves the right to consider all materials submitted.


Will TU accept self-reported scores?

While we accept self-reported scores, we require some validating evidence. We accept copies of score reports or a screenshot of test scores as official provided the score report/screenshot shows your first and last name, the month/year of the test and all section scores. As long as your score copy or screenshot includes that information, you don’t need to pay to have scores sent from the testing agency.


How do I submit my test scores to TU?

Simply log into ACT or CollegeBoard (for SAT) to take a screenshot of your test results.Then, send the screenshot to apply@utulsa.edu for your scores to be added to your application.


Does TU superscore test results? (Superscoring is the practice of taking your highest section scores from multiple testing dates to create a new total score called the “superscore”.)

Yes! We will superscore your test results for admission and scholarship decisions.If you’ve taken the ACT or SAT more than once, please send all scores to The University of Tulsa at apply@utulsa.edu.


Will TU need an official copy of the test results sent from the testing agency?

No. We will consider the screenshot of scores from the testing agency to be official provided the screenshot shows your first and last name, the month/year of the test and all section scores. However, should there be any questions, the Office of Admission reserves the right to validate SAT and ACT results by requesting you to have an official score report sent directly from the testing agency.


What is the deadline for scores to be considered for admission and scholarship decisions?

Scores can be submitted at any time prior to the admission decision. Should you want to submit scores after your admission and scholarship decisions have been made, you may do so through January 15. However, there’s no guarantee that the added test score(s) will change those decisions.