Arts & Sciences

Pic 1Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa comes to us from Kristina M., a junior Sociology major from Tulsa, OK.

I was a late addition to the College of Arts and Sciences. After spending my first year with the goal of practicing Chemical Engineering, it was quite the switch when I decided to study Sociology instead. There are things about the switch that have made me realize I’ve found the perfect fit for me.

Not only is Sociology a broad discipline and one covers all of my interests, but it and many other A&S majors provide an added bonus of having small classes because of the small number of students in each major. I got to enter into classrooms that are fueled by discussion and personal reflection, and that are guided by professors that are passionate and brilliant in their fields. Each class I have taken in my major has been eye-opening. I have also had the privilege of exploring some other subjects in electives. The curriculum is brilliant because many of the majors overlap in real world application. So where I may be told I’m learning sociology (and I am), I am also learning economics, psychology, and anthropology. The A&S College is perfect because professors seem to be painting a picture of what the real world is like – meaning that as students, we leave more articulate, more aware with a heightened ability to think critically, and a new lens to look at the world through.

With a new hurdle of finding a job coming up in my adult life, I am even more grateful for the faculty and staff that surrounds me.  I am at the point where I have to start looking for a “next step” after graduation. All of my professors know my interests, and instead of encouraging me to just go to graduate school (as if that is the only option), the faculty who I have had the pleasure of working with have encouraged me to at least pursue other options. The College of A&S is an ideal place to really find oneself and any personal interests that may be hidden. Instead of training for a specific job in a specific field like some business degrees and engineering majors.

Instead of training for a specific job in a specific field like some business degrees and engineering majors, the College of Arts and Sciences is a tool to get a great education while also shaping the students into individuals with individual talents, and then helping those students use their skills and interests to find a perfect fit in the working world. For me, this was what I needed from college. I have learned how to be an autonomous adult, how to be aware of the things around me, and most importantly I have learned how to educate myself reliably to continue my learning. The College of Arts and Sciences is perfect for anyone who likes to broaden their horizons, forge their own path, and make great connections with faculty and fellow students. I have really found my passion in Sociology, and in retrospect, The University of Tulsa is the best place for me to get my degree!

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