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Summer Financial Assistance

Summer 2017 eligibility is determined using the results of the 2016-2017 FAFSA as well as your summer enrollment plans and living arrangements. If you received federal financial aid at The University of Tulsa for the Fall 2016 and/or Spring 2017 semester(s), you would have already filed the 2016-2017 FAFSA. If you are unsure whether or not you filed, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services.

If you want to apply for summer federal financial aid at The University of Tulsa, please complete the following steps.

  • You must be enrolled at least half time in summer classes.
  • You must complete the Summer 2017 Financial Aid Application and return it to the Office of Student Financial Services before the last day of class in your summer session.
    Note: If you borrow Direct loans for Summer 2017, it may affect your total loan eligibility for Fall 2017. If you intend to utilize Direct loans for Summer 2017 and Fall 2017, you should consult your financial aid advisor.  If you will receive OK Promise, please list on the application.  Hurricane Pledge and TU scholarships are not available in summer.
  • We will send an email directing you to the TU Portal to view and print your summer Award Letter which will be listed under the 2016 academic year. Undergraduate students will not receive an award letter until spring semester grades have posted in May.
  • You must sign and return your summer Award Letter to the Office of Student Financial Services in order for any estimated Direct loans to be processed.
  • To apply for a Direct Graduate PLUS loan or Direct Parent PLUS loan, the graduate student or undergraduate student’s parent must go to, click on “Request Direct PLUS loan,” and select either Graduate PLUS or Parent PLUS. Complete the steps for an immediate credit decision.
  • If you have not already e-signed the Master Promissory Notes (eMPNs) or completed Entrance Counseling for the Direct loans or PLUS loans for which you applied, please go to and complete these items. Parent borrowers must complete entrance counseling if approved with a credit appeal or an endorser.
  • Federal financial aid will not be awarded until you are enrolled in summer classes.
  • If you are not maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress prior to the summer term, you are not eligible for summer federal financial aid.  The Office of Student Financial Services reviews files for summer aid after the prior semester grades have been posted to the student academic transcript.  You must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy requirement at the end of each semester.  For more information please refer to the Satisfactory Academic Policy requirements.

All students wanting to apply for federal financial aid and will be attending a study abroad program or visiting another school during the summer session must complete the Summer 2017 Financial Aid application and the Study Abroad/Visiting Student Form. If studying abroad, undergraduate and graduate students must also fill out the Center for Global Education’s Study Abroad Budget Form and return it to their office for approval.

Enrollment in a study abroad or visiting student program, approved for credit by TU, will have enrollment status at TU for purposes of applying for federal financial aid. TU will be considered the home school and will be responsible for processing federal financial aid.

Please contact the Office of Student Financial Services to inquire about the paperwork required to apply for federal financial aid for study abroad or visiting student programs, and to learn how it will affect your federal financial aid the next semester when you return to TU. Your future financial aid cannot be released until the grades from your study abroad or visiting student program are received and posted to your student transcript by TU.

Minimum Enrollment Requirements for Student Loans

Undergraduate – 6 hours

Graduate – 5 hours

Law – 6 hours

Students enrolled in more than one session for the summer term need to be instructed of the following:

Should a student be enrolled in more than one session for the summer term and decide not to attend the second scheduled enrolled session, it is imperative that the student withdraw or drop the second session prior to their current session end date. This will prevent the student from being subject to a Return of Title IV calculation and the possibility of the student owing TU a portion of the loan funds they received for the summer term.