Following My Passion for Music…as a Communication Major

odssey picToday’s blog post is written by Erin Jones, a junior Communication and Spanish major from Bemidji, Minn.

Music has always played a very important role in my life.  At a young age, I started playing piano, and not long after, I picked up the harp.  During fifth-grade band, something within me decided that trumpet was a good idea, but my band teacher knew that I was meant to play the French horn. On top of that, singing has also been a passion of mine.  I often find myself with a tune in my head and many times, my friends let me know when I’m singing softly and I don’t realize it! Okay, so maybe not as softly as I think.

I participated in band and choir all throughout high school, and coming to TU as a wee little freshman in 2014, I thought I would take a break from music. That was my biggest mistake of freshman year.  I quit the one thing that I enjoyed most for no good reason.  After speaking to my friends who were members of TU’s outstanding music school and the various ensembles here at TU, I realized that I wanted to share their experiences; I wanted to play music again.  Not because I had to, but because I wanted to…because I longed to.

kathleen and erinIn 2015, I joined the Sound of the Golden Hurricane Marching Band as a sophomore.  Yes, it was weird to be a Communication and Spanish major in a group largely composed of music majors, but that didn’t make a difference in this group.  In the Sound, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a music major or a nursing major, whether you play clarinet or baritone.  This outstanding group of musicians knows when to be serious. They know when to have fun, and most importantly, they know how to make people feel at home.  Music brings people together, and that’s exactly what the Sound does.  In the Sound, we are a family.  Every family is unique, and our 100+ members come from all different majors, backgrounds, and cities across the U.S.

As a freshman, get involved with the activities that make you happy, the ones that bring out the best in you, and the ones that fulfill your happiness.  I know I am glad that I did!

Mellophones Sound 2016The Sound is my home. The University of Tulsa is my home. Welcome home, TU students. Welcome home.