International Admission

Applying to TU is easier than ever when you submit your application online. It is important to remember that applying for admission to an American university is a time-consuming process, though. In order to have sufficient time to have an application processed, submit all documents, apply for a student visa, and travel to the US, students are advised to allow at least two to three months to complete the entire procedure.

The admission policy is designed to seek international students who demonstrate intellectual promise in a challenging curriculum, are committed to the Mission of The University of Tulsa, and will uphold the Student Code of Conduct.

Interested students are encouraged to contact us directly for information and help with the application process. Our staff strives to provide personal assistance to each applicant. Contact us at or call 1-918-631-2562.

Foreign applicants who are neither United States citizens nor permanent residents can apply for admission by using the online application in the link below.

The University of Tulsa also accepts the Common Application.

Additional Required Forms

Confirmation of Financial Resources

In compliance with United States immigration law, all international students are required to provide documentation of adequate financial support for the educational and living costs of attending university. Students who will be supported by an individual or family member must complete the University of Tulsa’s Confirmation of Financial Resources (digital or printable form) certified by a bank official, or submit a bank statement, certificate of deposit, or financial sponsorship guarantee.

Sponsored Students

If a student is to be sponsored by a government or agency, such sponsors must provide a signed and/or certified, official letter dated within the last 12 months that indicates that the sponsor will cover all costs.

Letters issued for admission purposes only are also accepted. If you intend to have your spouse and/or children accompany you, the sponsorship letter should also mention coverage of your dependents. If the sponsorship letter does not include your spouse and children, you must then provide evidence of sufficient financial means of support for dependents by submitting proof of individual or family funds. A recent bank statement or bank letter from the responsible individual can be submitted along with the Confirmation of Financial Resources (digital or printable form).