International Applicant COVID-19 FAQ - Office of Admission

International Applicant COVID-19 FAQs

As we at TU are continuing to social distance due to COVID-19, international applicants have many questions about the Fall 2020 semester.  Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers as of June 2020.  More information about TU’s plan for Fall 2020 is available at:  This information is subject to change.

Q. Was the deadline to submit my enrollment deposit May 1?

A. While we would love to know you will join the TU family sooner rather than later, we will be as flexible as possible with our deadlines to make sure you have enough time to choose the path that is right for you!  We will make every effort to get you here in time for classes, but we cannot guarantee a timeline for your visa processing, so please let us know what you decide as soon as possible.

Q. Is TU issuing immigration documents (I-20s) for newly admitted students?

A. International Student Services (ISS) and International Admission (IA) are not on campus, but we are working remotely.  We are still issuing forms for students who have the required documentation, but things might be a bit slower than usual.

Note: Deferrals to a later term will require document reissuance.

Q. Will I still be able to get my visa?

A. Every consulate/embassy is different, so check the U.S. Department of State’s visa page for announcements and updates to stay informed on the resuming of consular services and visa processing times.

Q. I heard that schools could issue electronic I-20s now. Is that true?

A. The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) has stated that we can issue electronic I-20s, but we do not have confirmation from the U.S. Department of State (DOS) or Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as to whether an electronic I-20 will be acceptable documentation for a visa application or at the U.S. port of entry.  Therefore, at this time, ISS is not issuing electronic I-20s. If we receive guidance from those government agencies stating that an electronic I-20 is acceptable, we will revisit our process.

Q. I am a new student currently residing outside the U.S. If my courses are being offered online, do I need to request an I-20 now?

A. Maybe. We can only issue an I-20 for the portion of your program that you will complete full-time and on campus in the U.S. while taking courses in a face-to-face format. If you plan to begin the first term of your program by taking courses online, you cannot get an I-20 with dates that include the online portion of your program.

Q. The U.S. consulates in my home country have closed and/or are not scheduling visa interview appointments at this time. Should I wait to request my I-20 once visa interviews resume?

A. We recommend requesting your I-20 now so that you are ready to attend a visa interview as soon as possible when the consulates re-open.

Q. May I attend classes if I arrive late to campus because of travel delays?

A. Courses will be available to students online.  If you are an undergraduate student and have been enrolled and attending online classes at TU, you will be able to arrive to campus late and begin in-person classes when you have completed your 14-day self quarantine.  Graduate students will need to contact their department for more information regarding a delayed start.

If you will be on an F-1 visa, you must arrive and enroll within the first 30 days of classes.

Contact your TU admission counselor to discuss your options.  If necessary, you can defer your admission for up to one year.

Q. What costs are associated with my I-20 request and F-1 visa application, and are any costs refundable?


  • Enrollment Fee – If you are unable to arrive this term, TU will honor your enrollment fee for the following term.
  • SEVIS/I-901 Fee – this fee must be paid before you attend your visa interview and is non-refundable Do not pay this fee until you are ready to go for your visa interview!
  • Visa application (MRV) Fee – this fee is paid at the time you schedule your visa interview through the Department of State website and is non-refundable. The fee is valid for up to one year from the date you pay so you shouldn’t have to pay a second time if you need to reschedule your interview within that year.

Q. I will be arriving from outside the United States. Will I need to self-quarantine?

A. Yes. All students arriving from outside the United States will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days. Specific guidelines and requirements will be provided closer to the start of fall term. Students will be able to self-quarantine in their campus housing. Students are NOT required to arrive 14 days early.

Q. I will be arriving from outside the United States and do not yet know my arrival date due to delays in visa processing. May I secure my housing until I arrive?

A. Housing will be somewhat scarce because students will be required to live in single units. For this reason, students who experience delays in arriving to campus to begin the semester will be placed in some form of housing upon their arrival to campus—most likely it will be temporary until a more permanent arrangement can be determined.

Q. May I travel outside the state of Oklahoma while at TU?

A. Yes. However, as of this date anyone who travels outside the state of Oklahoma will be required to self-quarantine upon return to campus. This policy may change with the start of campus. Students should monitor the Covid 19 webpage daily for the latest news.