International Admissions

The University of Tulsa offers an accepting community for international students to learn and socialize in an American university setting.

For more information please visit international student services.


The finish line is just ahead! Final exams continue May 1 & 7


Residence halls will close on May 10. By now your student should have made arrangements for summer housing or off-campus storage as needed. All personal belongings must be packed for travel or stored off-campus by the move-out deadline. Once exams are over, your student may want to relax and spend time with friends before everyone leaves for the holiday. Remind your student that packing may take longer than he or she expects. Don’t leave it to the last minute!


Congratulations! Your student has completed one academic year at The University of Tulsa! This is an accomplishment to celebrate. Your encouragement and support throughout the year was important to your student’s success. Your student has not only completed coursework, but also made friends, developed time management skills, and discovered tools and resources they can use when help is needed. Your student will continue to build on this foundation for success next year. But right now, all you need to say is… CONGRATULATIONS! YEAR ONE DONE!


1-7Final exams continue
9Commencement ceremony
10Residence halls close
?Tulsa Mayfest
25Memorial Day, university closed
?Summer Session I begins

This month's checklist

Encourage your student during final exams week
Check that your student has a plan for packing and moving out of residence hall
Celebrate the accomplishments of year one!