International Admissions

The University of Tulsa offers an accepting community for international students to learn and socialize in an American university setting.

For more information please visit international student services.

Confirm plan to attend

Submit the International Intent to Enroll form. This form is included in the admission packet or can be completed online from your student’s personal application status page. We encourage students to submit this form by May 1.
If your student needs additional time to decide, please contact your student’s admission officer or to discuss your situation. We are here to help.

Submit the enrollment deposit

A $200 deposit is required along with the International Intent to Enroll form before your student can enroll in classes. The deposit can be paid online with a credit card.


After submitting the Intent to Enroll form and enrollment deposit, students who meet the university English proficiency requirement may enroll in university courses. See the June calendar page for more information on enrollment

TU online account

Your student will need to activate a TU online account to access important university services such as the housing contract. Instructions to find your student’s TU Net ID and to activate the account can be found online. Please note this is different from the application account and is only for students who have decided to attend TU.

Campus housing and dining

Complete the housing/dining application online here. Your student will need his or her TU Net ID and password to access the housing website. A $250 housing deposit is required and can be paid with a credit card during the online application process. Students can also use campus and housing to find a roommate and choose their preferred residence hall. The completed application is your student’s contract for campus housing. Upon submission of the online housing application, students receive written confirmation of their housing contract via email. Rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and room assignments will be sent 3-4 weeks prior to arrival on campus. Learn more about campus housing and residence hall details at the campus housing website. Dining options are outlined on the dining website. TU offers halal and vegetarian options, as well as meals for students who have food allergies.


1Recommended response deadline
1-31Enrollment in university courses
24-27Memorial Day Weekend, university closed

This month's checklist

Submit the Intent to Enroll form
Submit enrollment deposit
Obtain visa, or transfer I-20 between schools
Student should set up TU online account
Submit housing and dining application