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President’s Seminar

Each month, fellows will meet for a 2-hour session of discussion led by Dr. Clancy. Case discussions will include the following:

  • All Alone in the Arena by Dr. Gerard Clancy, 2016 Life of Inquiry
  • Too Close to Throw Stones by Dr. Gerard Clancy, 2016 Life of Inquiry
  • Stanford Graduation Speech, The Story Board of Your Life by Steve Jobs, 2005
  • Public Health, Pimps and Pit Bulls: Lessons Learned from Failed Leadership by Dr. Gerard Clancy, 2015 Academic Medicine
  • Easing Racial Tension in American Through Health Equity, Dr. Gerard Clancy, 2016
  • Pew and Brookings Institute Reports on Shifting U.S. Demographics
  • Case Report: Xinjiang, China by Dr. Gerard Clancy, Zhang, Sorem and Kusko