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My Take On TU: I Love TU!

The email below was sent by Amy Smith, a freshman biochemistry major from St. Louis, to her admission counselor, Teresa Bont, just a few weeks after she arrived on campus this past fall. Amy’s excitement is contagious, don’t you think?... MORE

My Take on TU: Becoming a Patient Advocate

Meghan Harrison is a senior Biochemistry major from Philadelphia, Pa. In today’s video, she talks about being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, advocating for patients and doing research in a microbiology and immunology laboratory. She was also named TU’s 2017 Homecoming... MORE

Homecoming Festivities Bring the TU Family Together

Today’s blog post is from Katie Snyder, a junior Communication major from Des Moines, Iowa. Last week, we celebrated TU’s homecoming, one of the most active times of the year for student organizations and alumni. It is our chance to take a... MORE