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My Take On TU: I Love TU!

The email below was sent by Amy Smith, a freshman biochemistry major from St. Louis, to her admission counselor, Teresa Bont, just a few weeks after she arrived on campus this past fall. Amy’s excitement is contagious, don’t you think?

Hi Teresa!

I freaking love TU. The campus is beautiful, and everything is exactly as I hoped it would be. I have made so many new friends here and I love the atmosphere. I really love how big TU feels, but at the same time is small and homey. My classes are great and my professors are all really nice. Since I came in with so many credits, I’m already taking pretty much all science classes, which is great for my major of Biochemistry.

I’ve joined a few clubs on campus, and they are a blast! I go to two-step every Thursday and I have met and danced with so many new people and learned lot’s of new moves. I’ve also gotten involved in the Red Cross club on campus, as well as AED (the pre health professions club) and Student Health Advocates Association (SHAA). All of them are so much fun, and there is always free food 😉

I did not get involved with greek life, but that definitely doesn’t mean that I am excluded from anything. I know at a lot of big schools greek life is necessary to get involved, but at TU that certainly isn’t true. I have plenty of greek friends and I hang out with them all the time, and I still get invited to a lot of the greek events.

Homecoming this past weekend was also so much fun! It’s really cool to become a part of all the TU traditions, and being at the bonfire and going to the game was quite the experience. Also, campus was the most lively that I have seen it. There were so many people and so many festivities that it was impossible to be bored. I love that at TU there is always something to do and someone to hang out with and that you never run into a face that isn’t friendly. I really do feel so much at home here.

The city of Tulsa is beautiful. I love the view of downtown from the library steps, and I even got really lucky that I can see the skyline from my dorm room in Hardesty! So far I’ve tried a bunch of the local restaurants (all amazing by the way), and explored some of the hotspots, such as Cherry Street, Utica Square, and Guthrie Green. I didn’t end up going to the state fair, but I heard a lot about it from people on campus. We went to the center of the universe, watched the fireworks from the driller stadium, and went to the Rose Garden all in the same evening! There is always something to do in Tulsa, and I never get bored.

All in all, TU is such a wonderful place to be, and I could not be happier with my choice to enroll here. I love TU with all my heart and I’m so glad to call this place my home. Hope this is helpful 😊


Homecoming Festivities Bring the TU Family Together

Today’s blog post is from Katie Snyder, a junior Communication major from Des Moines, Iowa.

Last week, we celebrated TU’s homecoming, one of the most active times of the year for student organizations and alumni. It is our chance to take a break from the stress of mid terms and have fun focusing on our pride for The University of Tulsa. Each residence hall, fraternity, sorority, and a number of independent organizations compete throughout the week for points, and the coveted prizes and bragging rights that come with being named Homecoming champs. This year, our theme was “Oklahomecoming.”

On Saturday night, the festivities began with the Kick-Off Party, where students got their 2015 Homecoming shirts and free food from local food trucks. Each event has attendance goals that organizations achieve points for meeting, but the events are also a lot of fun.

Katie 3

On Sunday night, Student Association sponsored a “Hurricane Hypnotist” show, and students got the chance to get hypnotized or watch their friends. Whether you buy into hypnotism or not, the show was hilarious and a great start to the week.

Monday night was a competitive game of Capture the Flag, with a few twists. Hurricane flags were hidden all around campus, along with Tiger stuffed animals (because we played the Memphis Tigers for our Homecoming football game) and a stuffed animal version of our campus ambassador Goldie! My building was lucky enough to discover plush Goldie and earn five extra points for the hall.

Tuesday night was street painting, one of my favorite Homecoming traditions at TU. Sections of the street outside Chapman Stadium, the same street used for pre-game tailgating, are marked off and each organization claims a space. Groups work for weeks in advance on their designs, incorporating the year’s theme, the game day opponents, and Golden Hurricane pride. Hardesty’s Hall Government worked together on a concept for our space, and came up with a Route 66 Post Card. Along the road drives Goldie, passing a Memphis Tiger swept up in a golden hurricane of dust, Tulsa icons like the Golden Driller, and ending her voyage home at The University of Tulsa. Every group takes a different approach to the theme, and the street stays bright and painted throughout the next couple weeks.

We celebrated Homecoming with parents and family in attendance on Thursday night by lighting the huge annual bonfire. Even rain couldn’t stop the festivity, and the fire was lit and fireworks displayed despite the weather. The bonfire is a great photo opportunity for students, parents and friends with the bonfire flames, the fireworks and McFarlin library as a backdrop.

The culmination of the week is the football game. This year we played Memphis, and though the game was a loss, the energy in the stadium was so much fun. The game was broadcast live on ESPN, and the student section was filled with face painted, dressed up TU fans. Our team even made the number one spot on Sports Center’s Top 10 with a miraculous catch in the second quarter. We all cheered on the Golden Hurricane until the very end, and joined the team in singing the alma mater after.

Katie 2

Homecoming is the best opportunity of the year to show our school spirit and celebrate all the things that make this place great. It is a time to come together as students, welcome family, and embrace TU traditions, and I can’t wait to do it again next year!