My Take On TU: Top 10 Cool Spots On Campus

Today’s blog post is written by Brittany James, a senior Mechanical Engineering major from Lee’s Summit, Mo. Brittany will be graduating in May and recently accepted a position with Kiewit Engineering and Design Co., in Kansas City.

It’s hard to miss the beauty of Tulsa’s campus on a gorgeous spring day. With the bright sun, vibrant blue and yellow flowers and pristine courtyards, it is a gem like no other. However, the best spots on campus are sometimes those places outsiders don’t know about.  Get the 411 on the Top 10 Cool Spots on Campus below!

It’s not every day you can read a first edition Frankenstein or a bible straight off the Gutenberg press, but TU’s Special Collections has everything you need from original World War I memorabilia to more James Joyce artifacts than you knew existed. 10/10 recommend stopping by to pay them a visit!

Whether it is sunrise, mid-day, or when the stars populate the sky, nothing beats the view of downtown Tulsa from McFarlin Library’s steps. It’s where I go whenever I need to think or update my Snapchat story. Stick around long enough and you’ll probably witness a TU proposal first hand.

There’s nothing that compares to a sold-out basketball game with everyone on their feet cheering the Golden Hurricane on to victory. Running across campus because your 10 minutes late for your honor society initiation since the atmosphere had you too fired up is different story…

Tulsa GIF by SB Nation - Find & Share on GIPHY

To the untrained eye, it may look like a heap of unorganized metal and wood, but it’s actually student innovation at its finest. From the 3-D printer to the laser cutter and the mill to the lathe, nothing is beyond the imagination of TU students hard at work.

TU students are incredibly talented in all fields and art is no exception. The Alexander Hogue Gallery exhibits the best of the best. It’s always a good time to appreciate fancy art, eat some mini appetizers and pretend you’re not a poor college student for the night all while admiring the talent of people you’re lucky enough to consider your friends.

It’s not every day you can pretend you’re going long for a Hail Mary on your very own Division 1 football field with your friends, but I’ve lived the dream on Skelly Field. Students turn it into an intramural softball diamond in the spring or simply stop by to kiss the 50 yard line excited to be a part of the tradition.

Whether it’s Phi Mu Alpha and Sigma Alpha Iota serenading us with their velvet voices or the TU theatre department bringing down the roof with their next Broadway production, the talent in this building is phenomenal. I sometimes hope when I’m in there some of their talent will rub off on me considering I can’t even clap on beat.

The closer we get to summer, the more and more TU students you’ll find throwing a Frisbee around on Harwell Field or soaking in some rays. Sometimes you’ll get extra lucky and people will bring their dogs along to play. Don’t forget your sunscreen though because that after-finals nap on the fresh grass might not be as nice as you might think.

What’s a better way to appreciate our campus than relaxing hammock style?? With the fresh smell of flowers and bright blue skies, a hammock can even make reading a textbook a tolerable afternoon activity.

Whether it’s a slightly chilly night or a warm summer day, the Student Union pergola and fire pits are the best place to go to relax. With twinkle lights, a warm fire and comfy seats, it’s incredibly easy to curl up and pretend you’re in a lodge in Colorado. It gets your mind (and stress levels) off campus without even leaving.

I hope you can tell the less than square mile coverage that makes up the place I call home is full of surprises and fun spots. What makes it even better is the amazing people you get to share these great places with.