Top 5 Reasons To Go Home On Spring Break

IMG_5118Today’s blog comes to us from Katie S., a junior Communication major from Des Moines, Iowa.

It’s Spring Break at the University of Tulsa, which means I could go to a beach or take a road trip with friends to somewhere exotic; but instead, I am taking one of my few opportunities during the year to go home to Des Moines, Iowa. It’s at least ten degrees colder than Tulsa on any given day, making it a less than ideal Spring Break destination, but once you leave for college, you’ll find there are a lot of reasons to enjoy going home. Here are my top five

IMG_6936 (1)1. Home is where the pets are. – Though I have made many strong, lasting friendships at The University of Tulsa, no one will ever be as loyal or loving as my dog. Each time I come home, she is so overcome with excitement that her whole body wags, rather than just her tail, and she leans on me demanding attention for hours. Pet deprivation is one of the most difficult things about living on-campus, so I soak up all the quality time with my furry friends that I can while I am home for breaks.

2. Food made with love. – No matter how good Chick-fil-a is (and I can confirm that it is very good) there will come a time when you miss meals from home. For me, it is my parent’s spaghetti that I miss most, and it’s the first meal I ask for when I get back. Not to mention the fact that by some mysterious magic, the fridge at home is always full! It is a welcome break for my stomach and wallet to stop eating out and enjoy some home cooking.

3. Enjoying all the local spots I miss. – However, if I do decide to eat out, I get to choose from all of the restaurants that I can’t visit while I’m at school – B-Bops, Centro, Zombie Burger, and more. If I bring someone home with me, I love to go to my favorite places in town and show off the local cuisine. This extends beyond just restaurants, as all of my favorite shops get a visit while I am home.

IMG_26494. You get treated like a celebrity. – Your neighbors, your friends’ moms, your parents’ co-workers…they are all so excited to see you and find out how everything is going. They ask you all kinds of questions about your life at college and make you feel very important for picking a major and waking up by yourself and all of the other little things that you accomplish on a daily basis.

Not only will the adults in your life be excited to see you, but also the reunion with your close friends from high school is a relief, because often these are friends that know you better than anyone. They have seen you through your various life phases (and braces) and they still love you anyway, and can’t wait to see you.

5. The ability to drive. – My freshman year, I didn’t have a car on campus, and while that was never a problem, I relished the opportunities I got at home to drive around my favorite place, blasting the radio and chauffeuring my friends and family. At college, you get a lot of freedom and independence, but it doesn’t match the feeling of being behind the wheel for the first time in a long time with a full tank of gas, especially when you are home and feel confident in your ability to drive around and not get lost.

College is great. It is exciting and hectic and challenging and fun. But sometimes, this means that you need a break to catch your breath. Home is a great place to get some rest and relaxation and see the people that mean the most to you.