Tulsa Time: Get To Know Us

IMG_0618Today’s blog post is from Brittany J., a junior Mechanical Engineering major from Lee’s Summit, Mo.

When I was going through the college selection process my junior and senior years of high school, people always told me that I would “just know” which college was best for me. This totally freaked me out. I was determined to research all of the schools in depth, make lists of the pros and cons and endlessly worry about where my future would be. Little did I know, Tulsa, one of my top schools, offered a unique opportunity to help high school seniors “just know” if TU was the right fit for them: Tulsa Time. 

Tulsa Time is an overnight program hosted by the University during which high school seniors stay the night with a Tulsa student to get a better understanding of what a typical day at TU is really like. The overnight stay offers the opportunity to get a feel for the atmosphere on campus and a personal look into the lives and personalities of the current students. The students who host Tulsa Time attendees are very excited to share their experiences. We enjoy being able to show off everything we love about TU and give others the chance to fall in love with it, too.

Tulsa Time offers a variety of activities. Visiting students have the opportunity to go on campus tours, city bus tours, attend a banquet dinner with other students, sit in on classes, attend a variety of info sessions, and participate in get-to-know-you activities such as “S’mores and More” and “Cane Connections.” I always recommend that students go on a campus tour because (obviously) you need to know what the campus itself has to offer, but I’m also a big fan of the city bus tour and encourage everyone to take advantage of one. I gave the city bus tour at the most recent Tulsa Time and will volunteer to do it at every opportunity in the future. It was a lot of fun to be able to show potential students what the city as a whole has to offer and where around town my friends like to go to eat and have fun (mostly eat).

IMG_5664Many TU students attend Tulsa Time as high school students, fall in love with the university, and then want to be a host the following year to provide the same support to other students going through the same process. One TU student, Abby Kucera, attended Tulsa Time TWICE as a high school senior, and then she hosted her own student at the first opportunity her freshman year. She wanted the chance to share her story about why she picked TU with people who were in the shoes she filled just a year before.

As a Tulsa Time attendee, Abby loved how it provided her with an inside perspective of the school from both an academic and social perspective. Through Tulsa Time, she had the opportunity to sit in on classes and talk to professors. She said it’s one thing to hear about small class sizes and phenomenal professors, but it takes it to another level to experience that as a high school senior. Tulsa Time gave her confidence in her college decision because she was able to draw on her own experiences when making her pros and cons list as opposed to just relying on what she had heard about other’s experiences.  Overall, Abby says her favorite thing about Tulsa Time is that she met some of her future best friends through it.

IMG_0303And I would have to say that’s what Tulsa Time is truly about. When you pick a college, you’re not just picking a place where you will earn your degree; you are deciding on a community where you want to live for the next four years. Tulsa Time gives you the opportunity to “just know” like nothing else can.

NOTE: The next Tulsa Time Overnight Visit Program will be held November 12-13, 2017.