A Typically Untypical Day on Campus

IMG_0618Today’s Admission Blog Post comes from Brittany James, a senior Mechanical Engineering major from Lee’s Summit, Mo.

People always ask me, “What’s a typical day at TU look like?” And, at least for me, the only thing I can say about typical days is that I don’t have them. Sure, I have things that I do every day, like drink my morning coffee and go to my scheduled classes, but beyond that I throw in random meetings, impromptu trips to the gym and last minute lunch or dinner plans with friends. To illustrate what I mean, here is a snapshot of my September 12, 2016, a typically untypical day in my life.


This morning I had my first alarm set for 8:30am and a second one set for 9am. I like that first alarm because it lets me know that it’s almost time to wake up but I also get to enjoy the exciting realization that I still have time to sleep. I threw in a few extra snoozes because, well, it’s Monday, and finally forced myself out of bed. In my typical zombie state, I got ready for the day and headed over to the student union. I always purchase a white chocolate frozen mocha with no whip from Einstein’s. This is where the routineness ends and the typical “idk what this day will bring” begins.

I sat down in a booth and jammed to some music while catching up on my emails and to-do list for the different organizations I’m involved in. I had friends filter in and out of the union and join me at my table. Today, Student Association was handing out wristbands with the names of 9/11 victims to honor the sacrifices they made. One of my friends came around and handed me a wristband to wear, which I thought was a pretty legit, yet unexpected, addition to my day.

kzmygklf_v69etqvmi2vyrssky-afc4lg_m_7wlbfsmI then headed over to Keplinger Hall to quickly talk to the freshman Chemical Engineering class about Tau Beta Pi, which is the engineering honor society here on campus. I hopped back to the union afterwards and grabbed Chick-fil-a for lunch. I have a lot of dining dollars, so I try to buy lunch for random people whenever I can. Today, I surprised the professor in front of me with a free sandwich and fries. He said he’d be sure to pass the kind act along in the near future, which I’d never had anyone tell me before. It was pretty cool to see how such a simple act can go such a long way.

After lunch, one of my friends asked me to edit her short story for grammar since Spanish is her first language. I was very surprised to find I was included in the story. By the end, fictional me had been killed off and the real me was cracking up. I suppose it could be said that one typical element of my days is that they are never boring and always full of surprises just like this one.

I headed off to my 2pm class. My favorite professor teaches this class, so even though it’s longer than a normal Monday class, I always enjoy it. After class, I had some free time, so I decided it would be a good idea to start my homework. Sometimes my engineering homework can take one hour and other times EACH problem can take up to an hour. This is another reason why my days are always a surprise. Thankfully, I was able to get my entire assignment for engineering economics finished in this one homework session.

164323679878140378_700x390For dinner, I went to Kappa Kappa Gamma’s “Kappasta.” It’s $5 for all you can eat pasta and the BEST cookies ever. Plus, the money all goes to support their philanthropy. It’s a great break because 1.) the food is delicious;  2.) the money goes to a great cause; and 3.) I get to see a lot of people I don’t interact with on a normal day-to-day basis. After dinner, I prepared for the New Member meetings I run for my sorority. It’s my job to help our newest members get acquainted with our chapter values, history, members and just college life in general. While it is definitely a lot of work, I really enjoy it and always have a lot of fun. I wrapped up the evening going to two meetings and finally talked myself into going to the gym. I thankfully survived my workout, despite my personal doubts, by watching Bones on Netflix. I came back to the house, hung out with my sisters for a while, and wrapped up some loose ends for the day. After all that was finished, I was finally able to crawl back into bed.

One of the great things about attending TU is that every day is refreshingly different. There are different things I do, different people I see, and different surprises that make life special. However, just as I often begin my days in the same way, I also always end them all in the same way. Before I go to bed each night, I record five things about that day that I am thankful for. It really puts the day in perspective for me. Paul Coelho once said, “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.” While I’m not adventuring through the Amazon on a day-to-day basis, I do like to approach each day as an adventure and value the experiences that come with it.